Cleveland Browns Madatory Minicamp

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Cleveland Browns fans are waiting patiently for the league to make a decision on or if there will be a punishment for Quarterback Deshaun Watson after being accused by about 30 women of sexual assaulting and harassing them during massages.

Recently Deshaun Watson settled with a majority of the women leaving the only obstacle being what will the NFL do?

According to a new report, Deshaun Watson’s camp my not know what the NFL is going to do, but they are prepared to sue if the punishment length is not to their liking.

Cleveland Browns quarterback, Deshaun Watson plans to sue the league with the help of the NFL Players Association, in the event the NFL gets its wish of a minimum one-year ban.  Read More

Sources in the Watson case believe arbitrator Sue Robinson’s decision could bump up against – or even overlap – with the first few days of #Browns camp. One opinion offered on the timeline is that she may be taking her time to give the league and Watson another shot at settling.

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