A Washington D.C. judge has ordered that the ‘Proud Boys’ render to God what is God’s in the tune of $1 million.

Pras is suing 50 Cent and Kyrie Irving for calling him an FBI informant and using defamatory words like “rat.”...allegedly

Rudolph Isley now is fighting the powers that be for the Isley name after he is claiming his brother Ron jacked it

Today it’s being reported that Michael Irvin is doubling down on his position that he didn’t do anything wrong, by filing a lawsuit.

The bleeding is continuing for Kanye West, as he is learning the true meaning of Knowledge Rules Supreme and cash rules everything around me. Criminal minded, you’ve been blinded, lookin for a style like mine you can’t find it nor use it, hence why the gate keepers of the legendary KRS-One of Boogie Down Productions music is […]

Just when you thought the whole Kanye West, Candace Owens thing couldn’t get any worse or better yet sound any crazier, Candace Owens say’s she has grounds to sue George Floyds family for doing a “…little publicity stunt. To give a quick run down for those that haven’t been following along with all that has […]

Candace Owens had seemed to be quiet as of late, up until she sported the ‘WLM’ shirt at the Yeezy fashion show.  Candace Owens then much like her fashion show buddy Ye then rolled out a new documentary that wasn’t getting much traction, up until ‘Ye’ went on the ‘Drink of Champs’, claiming that, allegedly, after watching […]

We all know that Fox News has always been team Trump and CNN has always just reported the news as it is, where ever the chips may lay.  But check out this latest news flash, it’s being report that Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit in the tune of $475 million against CNN because he doesn’t believe […]

The year 2020 shocked the world in many ways with the pandemic.  But the historic year of 2020 started off with the shocking death of NBA star Kobe Bryant and his daughter in a helicopter crash. It is hard to imagine losing your husband in such a tragic accident but to lose your daughter too?? […]

Cleveland Browns fans are waiting patiently for the league to make a decision on or if there will be a punishment for Quarterback Deshaun Watson after being accused by about 30 women of sexual assaulting and harassing them during massages. Recently Deshaun Watson settled with a majority of the women leaving the only obstacle being […]

Will there be a happy ending for Browns fans?  Pardon the pun, but things are getting a little scary for Cleveland Browns fans as the new quarterback, Deshaun Watson, has been named in a 24th civil lawsuit. The NFL has finished up their investigation into the lawsuits that Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson faces, with a decision on […]

We talk about breaking the ‘girl code’ all the time during relationship hour.  Thou shall not date your girls ex, thou shalt not sleep with your girl ex etc., etc.   It’s being reported now that NeNe Leakes is being dragged into court for violating the ‘girl code’, however the accuser wasn’t her girl but her […]