Actor Michael Jace has found himself inside of a real life drama comparable to the ones he’s starred in on television. The former star of “The Shield” was arrested after he allegedly shot and killed his wife.

According to police reports, Jace called 911 around 8:30 on Monday night. He reportedly told the emergency dispatcher, “I shot my wife.” Although Jace called the police on himself, his neighbors had called and reported shots being fired at his home before he did. Once Michael Jace made the call, he did as he was told. The emergency dispatcher told him to stay on the phone until cops arrived on the scene.

Sources close to the case say Michael Jace was at home by himself when his wife April and their two young children walked in the door. A little while after April Jace brought her children home, she was shot.

Jace, known for his role as Det. Lowe on “The Shield,” was taken into police custody around one that morning. However, he wasn’t booked at first. Things took a turn for the worse when police discovered Jace’s two young children-both under the age of ten-witnessed their father shot their mother. The children were visibly shaken and upset were brought to the police station until Children’s Services placed them with a family member.

This is very sad to hear. Hopefully, the children will be able to somewhat recover mentally from this ordeal. Either way, prayers are up for the families affected by this tragedy.



Article and Pictures Courtesy of The Urban Daily

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