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March 9 is the date traditionally associated with The Notorious B.I.G. Death dates are always the more revered for celebrities anyway due to the “where were you when” factor. However, today’s May 21 and had Frank survived the fatal shooting in Los Angeles that forever altered pop culture, Voletta’s baby boy would have turned 42.

What this has to do with Total and Biggie’s “Can’t You See” is much of nothing. The record originally appeared on the New Jersey Drive soundtrack and their self-titled debut album. Three decades later, “Can’t” remains one of the more recognizable tracks to resonate from Bad Boys’ groundbreaking 1990s run.

Bias much? Of course I am. But while you’re here, stay for this. Consider these the five – more like four and a plea for help – unalienable rights about the 1994 Bad Boy mega-smash.

1. To be fair, Puff in the ’90s appeared vastly more hands on with creating music than his role nowadays as, say, executive producer on Rick Ross’ Mastermind. Ciroc and a net worth of $700M might be a reason for that. How much “producing” Diddy actually accounted for on “Can’t” is another discussion for another day. Nevertheless, he’s credited for it and the mellow production is nothing short of timeless.

2. “Can’t You See” is by far one of the definitive rap/R&B collaborations ever made. Try not rapping along with B.I.G. or not singing the hook. Go ahead, try it. It’s been deemed clinically impossible by the Surgeon General. Seriously, look it up, I wouldn’t lie about this.

To read the other THREE unalienable rights, click here:

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