CLEVELAND – Three weeks after the Republican National Convention’s Site Selection Committee left town, they have decided Cleveland makes the final round.

At a meeting early Wednesday, the committee announced that from the remaining four contenders–Cleveland, Dallas, Denver and Kansas City–we and Dallas make the final cut.

Ryan Mahoney, GOP Deputy Press Secretary, broke the news on Twitter.

Hours prior to the announcement, Denver’s 9NEWS reported Cleveland and Kansas City were definitely out of the running and the committee would either pick Dallas outright or narrow the field to it and Denver.

However, afterwards, two Republican spokespeople disputed that claim on Twitter, calling the report “wrong” and “inaccurate”.

Members of the committee reviewed the facilities, amenities and logistics each city provided as well as any additional information the cities presented over the last two weeks before taking their vote.

The RNC Site Selection Committee’s vote is the next step before selecting a city to recommend to the full Republican National Committee during August’s meeting in Chicago.

The full committee, made up of three members from each state, will then vote on that recommendation.


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Article and Picture Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5

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