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Throw a pool party

Want to get that cutie at the pool to notice you—stat? Real teens reveal the best tricks for snagging your summer crush.

Challenge him to an arcade game

“Take his love for video games outside! Local arcades are super fun and when girls think they can beat us at the one thing we know best, it’s really cute. We secretly love hunting you down in laser tag

Plan a shopping trip

“The best part of a summer beach day is the preparation! Before meeting up with your friends, take your crush to the dollar store or a cheap party store

Take a fake-cation!

“Some hotels will let you have a poolside lunch at their restaurant, even if you’re not staying there.

Plan a day at an amusement park

Treat him!

Take your date off-land

“Go on a water date! If you live near the ocean or a lake, try renting Jetski’s for an hour.

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