Former Gospel singer turned secular pop star Katy Perry is being sued by some of her former Christian music counterparts for ripping off their song and using it for black magic and witchcraft.

According to a new lawsuit filed in court, Christian rappers LeCrae and FLAME are suing Perry claiming her Juicy J-assisted hit “Dark Horse” is a total hijacking of their song “Joyful Noise.” The Christian track has won numerous awards and was released five years before Perry’s “Dark Horse.”

FLAME and LeCrae claim Perry stole their song and subsequently destroyed their reputation in the Christian music community because now their once that glorified the Lord was used for black magic, witchcraft, and paganism. The plaintiffs also say the black magic and witchcraft are extended into the “Dark Horse” video.

The Christian artists are suing for damages and are demanding Perry be forced to stop using any their song in any way, shape or form.



Article and Picture Courtesy of The Urban Daily

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