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DMX is honest to a fault sometimes! So, when TMZ caught up with him to ask if he had ever eaten any of his dog’s food before…he told the truth!

Take a look at the silly conversation that ensued after his admission in the video below!

Somebody let us know!

Wow…so he really said the craziest thing he ever fed his dog was a human being huh? Now that’s hilarious!

And did you catch how quick he was to say which brand had the most nutritionally sound food for humans to eat?! We suddenly had a picture in our minds of D-M-X walking up and down the dog food isle of his local grocery store… closely perusing labels to make sure he was getting the best fit for his dogs! We love it!




Article and Picture Courtesy of The Urban Daily

First Video Courtesy of TMZ and The Urban Daily

Second Video Courtesy of YouTube and The Urban Daily

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