A new challenge among teenagers is going viral, rivaling last year’s Tide pod epidemic in stupidity. The Arizona Republic reports the “shell on” challenge to be the latest craze among Snapchat users. Kids simply dare their friends to eat food, but the catch is the packaging (or shell) has to stay on while they munch it. The word “shell” is used very loesely, as apple cores, banana […]

A crucial component of the raw joy of ravenously consuming a sack of grease-drenched, deep-fried potatoes is that math isn’t involved with this pastime at all. At least, not traditionally. One Harvard professor, however, feels that should change. Back in November, epidemiology and nutrition professor Eric Rimm of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health referred to the […]

BOLIVAR, Ohio — A Giant Eagle employee was accused of stealing over $9,200 worth of deli meat. According to the Columbus Dispatch, the Lawrence Township Giant Eagle loss prevention manager received a tip that an employee had been eating meat in the deli. The manager reportedly told authorities that the employee had allegedly eaten three to […]

CLEVELAND– It’s no secret Cleveland is a foodie town. So when more than 50,000 visitors come to our city for the Republican National Convention, these out-of-towners need to experience the taste of Cleveland. Here are a few iconic Cleveland foods: Slyman’s corned beef: Slyman’s, located on St. Clair Avenue, is a stop for politicians and […]

Pants are optional as there will be a locker area for belongings.   A lot people are really going natural with their food lately, but in London they’re really going au natural. A naked pop-up restaurant is opening for the summer across the pond. And it’s not just the food that’s nude – but the […]

Here’s the thing, women have lots of things to balance: life, career, relationships…tasks like cooking sometimes take a back seat to our priorities. And then there are the women who just haven’t figured out how to cook at all. Between Gina Waters’ cajun burnt dishes and Peggy Bungy’s rudimentary knowledge around the kitchen, we put […]

LOS ANGELES- A 23-year-old man decided to eat Chipotle for the 40 days of Lent. Now, 153 days later, he’s still going. Andrew Hawryluk, an animator in Los Angeles, documents his daily trips to restaurant chain on his blog, Chipotlife.com, and posts his receipts as proof. So far, he’s spent more than $1,567 and consumed […]

AKRON, Ohio — Police say that, about 4 p.m. Sunday, officers responded to a stabbing in the 100 block of Lake Street. The victim Ronnie D. Bucker, 61, of Lake Street, reported he was eating chips and salsa with his girlfriend, Phyllis D. Jefferson, 50, when they got into an argument over who was eating […]

Beyonce eats flawless meals (of course) and now she wants to challenge you to do the same. The Queen Bey, accompanied by her personal trainer and exercise physiologist Marco Borges, just shared a 22 Days Nutrition meal service that you can sign up for. It’ll cost $629.79 to get this vegan plan. “I am so […]

  When Maxine Shaw (attorney at law) was not taking a bite out of crime on “Living Single,” chances are she was still munching on something. We don’t know how Erika Alexander stayed so fit during her run as the savvy lawyer-turned-politician. Her character was always eating! Max ate more often than Regine said “smooches.” […]

  According to a September 2013 study by Visa, Americans who eat out for lunch spend nearly $936 a year on average, solely on lunch. This breaks down to about $18 a week, or eating out twice a week at nearly $10 per outing. Looking to cut back and save that money for something else? […]

  CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – A study shows that children are less likely to eat their fruits and vegetables if parents tell them about the health benefits. A Cleveland Clinic dietician, who did not participate in the study, shared her thoughts on the findings. “So, it’s an interesting take for parents to try these days. […]