Here are guidelines when it comes to texting.

1. After a date, do not text your feelings about your date. Not even “thank you.”

If that’s your way of telling the guy that you enjoyed him, you are on the wrong path. The guy needs to hear about your feelings towards him from your mouth. It’s also positive reinforcement, which is a good tool to get more good dates. Show him (in person) when he makes you happy from the first date. Being hard to read is a liablity of dating and text messaging wont fix it. If he’s deciding between you and another for a Friday night date, the winner won’t be selected based on the way her text messages made him feel.

2. Avoid aggressive texting.

Allow the guy to initiate communication with you after a date. If you have done your job, he already knows you like him, now you need to find out if he likes you. Don’t text something unnecessary like “good morning”, “good night”, or “I had a great date.” Please don’t.

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