My boyfriend of five years just broke up with me. We talked about taking a break a month prior, and things were actually OK between us, but then, all of a sudden, he deleted and blocked me from all his social media. He says very little about why, and that’s it. He will not talk to me now. Oh, also, he lives in a different state currently. I don’t understand what happened. What should I do?

I’ve been getting so many emails about sudden, cheap-shot breakups that it seems like it’s becoming systemic. Thanks to technology, it’s never been easier to be a pathetically passive-aggressive prick. Bad behavior? Immaturity? Cruelty? Yep, there’s an app for that.

People leave bitchy online comments they’d never say to someone’s face. They troll politics sites behind the safety of an anonymous username. They complain about an overcooked entrée on Yelp instead of telling the waiter who can actually do something about it. And now some people are treating breakups like they’re as simple as closing browser windows or uninstalling apps. It seems like some people will do anything to avoid facing problems IRL.

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