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There’s bad news for folks who want to see Kandi Burruss‘ stage production “A Mother’s Love.” Hmm, for that matter we have to conclude it’s bad news for Kandi and the cast as well.

Apparently something went wrong with the tour’s promoter and the money. Madame Noire is reporting that one of the cast member, Quentin Latham, better known as Funky Dineva, posted on his website that he knew something was wrong when he didn’t get his travel schedule to Detroit, the next city on the tour’s schedule:

“We successfully performed in 3 cities in Georgia. The shows were stellar, though attendance could have been much better. It is my assumption that the promoter was banking on the week one shows to sell out, to carry us into week two, and so on and so forth. Well , you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip. When the week once [sic] receipts were tallied, the bottom line was, we didn’t have enough resources to move into week two. Week two was subsequently cancelled. No tea no shade, I wasn’t trippin, because after the weeks of rehearsal and rigorous week one schedule, The Doll needed a break. I figured we’d pick back up with week three, which happens to be the present moment. However, once the sun went down yesterday, and I didn’t have any travel arrangements for Detroit.”

Well, it looks like he was right, unfortunately. Today, we got this statement from Kandi via her publicist, Tresa Sanders, confirming what Funky Dineva said:

 “I licensed “A Mother’s Love” to a promoter, with the high expectations of finally seeing my creation go on the road. I am very saddened and frustrated by the cancellation of the tour. More than that, my heart goes out to the cast, who all are AMAZINGLY talented. We all worked really hard to put together an awesome show. It breaks my heart that we won’t be able to put on this show for my fans, who have bought tickets and who were looking forward to seeing it. I stand with them in disbelief and despair that this has happened. I was caught off guard as well. I want to thank everyone who have supported all of the projects I have worked on. I hope you understand that the cancellation was beyond my control. Please don’t hold it against me! I know that a lot of tickets were sold and from what I understand, they will be refunded. Thanks to all the people who tweeted showing excitement for the show and sending love my way. I was supposed to be headed to Detroit this weekend and to find out that we’re not going kills me. To all the fans who volunteered to be on the street teams promoting the show, I promise to make it up to you! I love you guys! Thanks for your love and understanding.”

“A Mother’s Love” was booked for performances in 30 cities. Unfortunately for Kandi, her fans and the cast, that won’t happen. At least for now.