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*To say that Michelle Obama was upset over the actions of the Secret Service is an understatement.

An in-depth investigation by the Washington Post reveals the first lady was furious years ago with the organization over its response to a 2011 incident involving shots from a gunman that hit the White House several times.

According to the Post, it took the Secret Service four days to realize the shots had hit the White House on Nov. 11, 2011 after initially stating the shots were the result of an unrelated gang shooting. Mrs. Obama was taking a nap after returning from Hawaii when a White House housekeeper told an assistant White House usher about a broken window and chunk of concrete on the floor of the rooms. The usher relayed the information to the Secret Service soon after getting the news from the housekeeper.

Despite then-White House chief of staff William Daley’s intent to tell President Barack Obama so he could inform Mrs. Obama, the assistant usher Reginald Dickson got to the first lady beforehand because he believed she already knew, the Post reports, adding that Mrs. Obama was as “aghast – and then quickly furious” that she and the president were not informed sooner. Especially because she was on a flight back from Hawaii with then-Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan.

The Post goes on to state that Sullivan already knew that the shooter, Oscar R. Ortega-Hernandez, seemed to be obsessed with the president – although he was not yet connected with the shooting at the White House.

Needless to say that Mr. Obama was not happy when he found out about everything.

“When the president came back . . . then the s— really hit the fan,” one former aide told the Post.

To see a CBS News report on the situation, check out the video below:


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