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Third Sector Development isn’t letting this go, and they’re taking the matter to court so that they can keep track of what’s going on with missing voter registration applications.

The situation reeks of voter suppression that was born out of fear that people of color might unseat any Republicans campaigning for an office in the midterm election. And make no mistake, it is not an accident that a majority of the missing forms belong to Black and Latino Georgia residents. Neither is it an accident that this happened right around the voter registration deadline so that those same people would not have a chance to re-apply.

It was no small undertaking to get some 200,000 previously unregistered people to sign up to vote. One would think that in a country where liberty and freedom of speech are some of our most sacred ideals, politicians would want everyone’s voice to be heard. It’s troubling that no one seems to know what happened to the missing forms. How do more than 40,000 forms just go missing? Someone has to know something because that is simply too much information to lose off-hand.

That so many applications could mysteriously go missing without a trace, is insulting the intelligence of not just the people who have now been disenfranchised, but also those who worked so tirelessly to make sure that more Americans could exercise their right to vote.


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