Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday that the Department of Justice found a pattern of unreasonable use of force by the Cleveland police.

The investigation found Cleveland police “engage in poor and dangerous tactics,” including shootings and also excessive use of less lethal force, including Tasers.

Cleveland police excessive force is the result of inadequate training, equipment, policies and engagement.

The department found concerns about search-and-seizure practices and systemic issues behind reckless and excessive force findings. Cleveland has inadequate policies to hold officers accountable.

“CPD disciplines its officers for improper uses of force at an unreasonably low frequency,” the report said.

Officers’ excessive use of force created deep mistrust in Cleveland, especially in the black community, the report concluded.

Some of the findings include:

– Officers fired guns at people who did not pose “an immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury to officers or others.”
   — Officers used guns in a “careless and dangerous manner,” including hitting suspects in the head with their firearms and firing in ways that place innocent bystanders in danger.
   — Officers used stun guns and pepper spray instead of trying to de-escalate situations.
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