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Here are a few signs that you’re having too much fun to get tied down.

  1. The sight of your empty bed fills you with joy. Where other people might see a lack of someone to cuddle with, you see a chance to starfish your way right into happiness. You are queen of a fluffy, comfortable, many-pillowed kingdom, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
  2. You have a roster of guys. Locking you down right now would be like trying to tame a wild mare who was meant to run free and be the inspiration for a picturesque oil painting. You’re sampling men like you would flavors at a fro-yo shop, and each date is more delicious than the last. You can’t fathom sticking to one forever when there are so many other mouthwatering options.
  3. You avoid the “So…” conversation. I learned about the “So…” conversation in a recent viewing of That Awkward Moment. It’s when someone is like “So…what exactly are we doing here? Where are we going?” It’s also currently your worst nightmare, because you want everything to continue on in its casual way. Every time a guy says “so” and gives even the slightest pause, you jump in with a new line of conversation.
  4. Couples baffle you. In a theoretical sense, you can totally understand why people commit to others. You get that being an in-love couple is this life-altering thing that people want to hold on to forever, probably because you’ve been there yourself. But practically, do you actually want to be one of those couples? Heck no. You can’t imagine having to check in with someone about your decisions or factor someone else into your life plan.
  5. Your schedule is packed. You view your free time as a chance to try all the trendy new exercise classes you can, catch up with old friends and meet new ones, and learn the right way to pair wine and cheese (which is not just combining whichever two you happen to have on hand at the time).
  6. People comment on your happiness. They can tell it’s like a weight’s been lifted off your shoulders. Perhaps a 180-pound weight, if you happened to dump the guy who was sapping your happiness. You’re giving off such a glow, people can’t help but notice.
  7. Alone time doesn’t scare you. You don’t worry that the silence will bring with it a flood of emotions that you’re trying to avoid. Your independence is more precious than gold right now, and spending time with only yourself just reinforces that.

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