Kym Sellers is chasing one of her ballers, Shyanne Sellers, to the Big Ten Tournament before she settles in for a ride through March Madness

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY CLEVELAND!!  Everyone knows Cleveland’s legendary radio personality Kym Sellers for her years on 93.1 WZAK hosting The Quiet Storm, and while during her show, Cleveland’s girlfriend, gave her listeners relationship advice.  Well in order to give great relationship advice a learned behavior for great relationships had to be formed, and like most […]

CLEVELAND– Cleveland radio icon and beloved personality, Kym Sellers, has always been open about her battle with multiple sclerosis. In 2014, she allowed our cameras to document her courageous journey as one of the first patients in Ohio to undergo an experimental stem cell procedure. Now she’s invited Fox 8 News reporter Suzanne Stratford and videographer […]

By BridgetEE The definition of a Storm is a “violent disturbance in the atmosphere”. No force but God can control or dissipate such an anomaly. An act of the Heavens, created by the Heavens. Although storms are looked at and measured by their destruction, if you sit back and think about it there is beauty […]

CLEVELAND, Ohio — WZAK’s Kym Sellers was the first person in Ohio to have an experimental stem cell treatment for multiple sclerosis. The outpatient procedure was performed last year at the Ohio Stem Cell Treatment Center in Beachwood by a team of surgeons — and her doctors noticed a “remarkable response.” Monday, Kym visited Fox […]

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