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The definition of a Storm is a “violent disturbance in the atmosphere”. No force but God can control or dissipate such an anomaly. An act of the Heavens, created by the Heavens. Although storms are looked at and measured by their destruction, if you sit back and think about it there is beauty in a storm especially a Quiet Storm.

For 21 years Kym with the “Y” Sellers has been the City of Cleveland’s girlfriend, doing what most girlfriends do and that’s be there for the ones she loved the most, her city, her listeners. Kym Sellers contributed to the conception of almost 60, 000 members of the over 300,000 reported population in the City of Cleveland with her love tips and sexy soultry voice heard almost every night from 7:00 pm till Midnight.

Listen below for Kym Sellers finale show:

Kym Sellers the voice of “The Quiet Storm”, will be saying “Remember Keep that Faith, The Higher Power he will always lead your way, when others seem to let you down know that the man upstairs has always got your back, I know sometimes things could be better but remember it could always be worse….” for the last time on WZAK-FM, Radio One Cleveland tonight at 7 PM.   Although it is a sad day in radio and for the city of Cleveland as well as its surrounding areas, it is also a time to celebrate the true legend that Kym is.

When I think of legends, names like Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross and The Isley Brother, come mind, artists that music was incomparable. Artists that’s impact on the music industry can never be duplicated. Their stories will be told and their music will be played long after we are all gone. Their names will be forever ensconced in music history. And so will the name Kym Sellers as it pertains to radio.

Kym Sellers since Junior High School in Akron, OH, has always been the commandeer of the microphone and voice of the airwaves. When in college Kym made a small college radio station at The University of Akron, an option on your radio dial.  After traveling the world and gracing many different markets in the United States, Lynn Tolliver made a legendary decision to bring Kym our then future legend home.  Kym Sellers always the fighter gave Three’s Company Morning Show, spunk and sex appeal. During her time as host of The Quiet Storm, Kym Sellers gave birth to four beautiful daughters, almost seemingly while on air, an unheard of in radio back then. When diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis Kym exposed her illness and selflessly gave her heart, soul and time to educate and give hope to those who to simply put it, “are just going through”. There was, nor is, an event too big or small for Kym to be a part of, she always acted on the belief that her spirit was needed to help someone else.   Kym has been a guest DJ on BET, melted the hearts of actors/actresses such as Boris Kodjoe and Vanessa Williams, she has been a vocal contributor on records and a city of Cleveland tour guide to the stars.

Kym Sellers is Queen to Hall of Fame musicians such as The O’Jays. R&B singer Keith Washington has written, composed and produced music in honor of Kym Sellers.  She has been serenaded by singer/songwriters like Howard Hewitt and Gerald Levert.  Kym Sellers is the President of The Kym Sellers Foundation, proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority incorporated, as well as the historical Olivet Institutional Baptist.  Kym Sellers is a “Who’s Who in Cleveland” member, a Heart and Soul magazine award recipient, a twice nominated for (the Grammy of radio) “The Marconi Award”, she has been awarded and recognized by The National Guard, Broadcasters Hall of Fame and The Cleveland Association of Broadcasters to name a few.  Motivational speaker, mentor, consultant, loving friend, co-worker, daughter, sister but most importantly a mother.

Phenomenal, beautiful, tireless, and selfless: There is not one word that can begin to define the woman, better yet the person that Kym Sellers is.  The legacy that she has made is way too long for a website blog but perfect for a book, and although her chapter on WZAK may be closing, the “Masterpiece” which is Kym Sellers shall be continued…

Please enjoy the videos and picture’s in celebration of the voice that has soothed Clevelander’s for 21 years…

For the Love of Kym Sellers – Cleveland Girlfriend [PHOTOS]
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