Kenneth and Dr. Daisy Alford-Smith Hoda and Jenna Show

Source: Screen Shot / Bridget Edison

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY CLEVELAND!!  Everyone knows Cleveland’s legendary radio personality Kym Sellers for her years on 93.1 WZAK hosting The Quiet Storm, and while during her show, Cleveland’s girlfriend, gave her listeners relationship advice.  Well in order to give great relationship advice a learned behavior for great relationships had to be formed, and like most of us, our foundations comes from our parents and the proof of that foundation happened today.  The parents of Kym Sellers did something on National Television that will have their names ensconced in the book of Guinness World Records by celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary by renewing their wedding vows for Valentines Day.

Love is patient, love is kind, love endures, and today, love along with ‘The Today Show’s’, Hoda Kotba performing the nuptials on the ‘Hoda and Jenna Show‘, 53 couples, which included Cleveland’s own Kenneth and Dr. Daisy Alford-Smith, a Guinness World Record was broken by reconfirming their commitment to each other in front of millions of Americans.

With a pandemic going on what better way to celebrate a 25 year milestone of marriage but by making history and breaking a world record.

According to Kenneth Smith on how he met the now Mrs./Dr. Daisy Smith, he was her home contractor:

“I used to call in the mornings and ask her, ‘What do you need?’ I’d bring a sandwich or something from McDonald’s in the morning when I came to work,”

Now 25 years later the magnetic tag team is still going strong.

Congratulations/Happy Valentines Day to Cleveland’s own Kenneth and Dr. Daisy Alford-Smith and here’s a virtual toast to many, many more.

Take a look at the video below.

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