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How much do you care about ‘winning the breakup?’ Well here are some ways you can.

  1. Exercise. Everyone talks about the “revenge body” that many stars sport after a split or divorce, so working out is clearly a popular post-breakup activity. But besides just looking good for that inevitable run-in with your former love, a quality gym session will release endorphins and make you feel better about life in general. It also offsets the emotional eating that you might be doing on the side, which is helpful. Coming out of a breakup-eating haze only to be in a body you don’t recognize is no fun.
  2. Unfollow him on social media. Remember, this is about winning the breakup for you, as in keeping your sanity while trying to move on. Your first instinct may be to think unfollowing shows you care too much, but it’s quite the opposite. His natural reaction to finding out he’s been unfollowed probably won’t be a lackadaisical “I win” but more of a freak-out about why and when and how you’ll know about the amazing life he’s leading now that he’s free of you. Spare yourself the heartache of seeing what he’s up to and delete, delete, delete.
  3. Go on dates. But allow yourself the requisite mourning period first. Without it, you won’t be equipped with the social skills not to torpedo promising relationships with discussions about your ex and how all love is doomed in the end. As soon as your wallowing stint is over, ask your friends to set you up, begin going out, and start swiping (or joining other dating sites).
  4. Lose his number. Do it! Do it now! Avoid the temptation of sending drunk texts dripping with feelings. And when he tries to get in touch so much later you’ve forgotten his number, you have the option of responding with “who is this?” which is honestly just delicious. But that’s only if you’ve actually forgotten, like if you were dating for a short enough amount of time it would make sense. Otherwise, it’s a transparent tactic.
  5. Find a new hobby. Not only does this one get you out of bed, a.k.a. the place you spend way too much time after you’ve had your heart trashed, it gets your mind off the emotional wreckage you’ve just endured. Immersing yourself in the act of learning something new makes it pretty impossible to replay the last words you and your former S.O. exchanged. Plus, it makes you a more interesting person, which never hurts when you start looking for love.

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