Did you notice anything about The President on Tuesday night?

Did anything stand out to you?

Well, I did notice something when he talked about not having to run another campaign ever again.

Yes, that was a read!!!!

It made me laugh out loud.

When The President said he had no more campaigns to run, he looked around saw and heard the applause, mostly coming from Republicans, and he added that little, unscripted, dig.

And we know it was unscripted because the entire speech was sent out to everyone before he even gave it.

Like most people, the ladies on The View laughed at it.

Nicole Wallace:  “And the translation there is that because I am The President.”

Whoopi: “That’s right.”

Jen Kirkman:  “Can I, can I say, people were telling me about this before I saw it and they were like he was so fresh.  He was so snarky, and he was so cocky, and then I see that and he was perfectly friendly about it. It was just a little nudge. I feel like still because he’s a black guy people have to say oh, he was a little cocky?”

So they saw the humor it in like I did and most people did.

But this group, on Glenn Beck’s radio show, I’m not so sure about.

Glenn Beck: “We couldn’t listen to parts of it. We just couldn’t do it.”

Other Host:  “Sometimes he’s not even trying to fake like he’s telling the truth.”

Glenn Beck:  “That part where he got all dark and ugly.  My gosh that was the, because our fact checkers were following the script and obviously that was not in the script.  So right in the middle of him saying you know what I just love everybody and we all have to work together, he takes a shiv and…”

Other Host:  “You want to play that part?”

Glenn Beck:  “Yeah.”

Then they play the clip and this happens.

Other Host:  “Ahhhh, what a burn, what a burn that was.”

Glenn Beck:  “Oh no he didn’t.”

Other Host:  “Did you see the look on his face?”

Other Host:  “Oh yeah, he was angry.”

Glenn Beck:  “He was pissed.  He was pissed.”

Other Host:  “He was coming right out of his let’s unite thing.”

Glenn Beck : “And then go right back in, go right back into it.

That was basically been how the conversation has gone since the State Of The Union on conservative radio and TV news programs.

It was quite a moment to witness.

The only thing missing was an eye roll and a finger snap.

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