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Cookie outed Anika to Lucious, letting him know Anika was working with Beretti. Anika walked out, despite Lucious begging her to stay.

Andre flushed his meds down the toilet. This can’t possibly end well.

Anika plotted to poach several crucial Empire artists and bring them over to Creedmoor.

Jamal and Delphine (Estelle) got into the studio to record “Conqueror.” Jamal pitched her to Empire.

Cookie was almost mugged as she stumbled out of the studio, drunk, but Malcolm came to her rescue.

Andre, Jamal, and Hakeem got into a nasty brawl in the elevator, and then the elevator shut down. Andre began to unravel…quickly.

Lucious confronted Beretti at the airport and guns were drawn.

Cookie and Hakeem went to stop Tiana from meeting with Anika. Tiana said she would come back to Empire if she and Hakeem could get back together, but Hakeem admitted he still loved Camilla. Cookie promised Tiana that she was family, and she would take care of her like family.

Andre went off the rails in the board room, and Lucious had him sedated and taken to the hospital.

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