The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the Grammy-nominated singer was arrested in DeKalb County after police say she struck her 30-year-old daughter Diamond Stone with a metal stand and knocked out her front teeth.

According to Diamond Stone, the incident started Monday night when Angie Stone entered her room, demanded that she clean it up and ordered Diamond to control her children, who were running around the 53-year-old former “R&B Divas: Atlanta” star’s Rogers Lake Road home half naked.

Angie Stone stated in a DeKalb County police incident report that Diamond Stone hit her in the face with closed fists first. Diamond Stone and Blondy Chisolm, a family friend who witnessed the altercation, told police they were not sure who threw the first blow.

“Ms. Diamond Stone then went on to state that Ms. Angie Stone started (getting) in her face, telling her she needed to leave because she is tired (of) her,” police said in the report. “Ms. Diamond Stone then stated her and Ms. Angie Stone started to argue, and that’s when a physical altercation started to occur.”