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The video is supposed to be one involving optimism on how people can start treating the conditions on Earth better, and even saving the planet too.


While issues like global warming and deforestation plague our world, a rapper is here to remind us that not all hope is lost — we really can do something about it.

In a video entitled “Dear Future Generations, Sorry,” outspoken rapper Prince Ea uses some poignant words to give us a glimpse into what the world could look like one day, by addressing generations after our time.

“Dear future generations, I think I speak for the rest of us when I say, ‘Sorry,'” he begins. “Sorry we left you with our mess of a planet.”

The rapper, who, according to the video, was inspired to create the message after witnessing the destruction of rainforests in Africa, continues to apologize for a horrific world that human beings caused as a result of “putting profit above people, greed above need, and the rule of gold before the golden rule.”

“I’m sorry we use nature as a credit card with no spending limit, over-drafting animals to extinction, stealing your chance to ever see their uniqueness,” he says. “But most of all I’m sorry about our mindset because we had the nerve to call this destruction ‘progress.'”



Article Courtesy of The Huffington Post

Picture Courtesy of Facebook, Prince Ea, YouTube, and The Huffington Post

Video Courtesy of YouTube, Prince Ea, and The Huffington Post

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