After some thought Chaka Khan is doing the remix to ‘Tell Me Something Good’.

Justin Timberlake found out that he wasn’t all that great of a dancer, as he had Washington D.C. being real quick to walk away after he attempted to beat his feet.  However JT has seen the error of his dancing and has issued a public apology to all of the District of Columbia via a video on […]

Back in the day there was a saying that either some people forgot all about or they weren’t taught it, ‘never speak ill of the dead’, because had this been instilled in them when the unexpected passing of YouTuber self proclaimed relationship guru, Kevin Samuels passed all people would have had to say on social media was, […]

Source: Johnny Nunez / GettyStevie J and singer Faith Evans started off as really good friends that turned into a marriage that after 3 years in turned into a s### show, resulting in Stevie J filing for divorce then conducted an interview while someone gave him oral sex.  You can’t get any messier then that, right? Well it […]

The beef has been going on since Mo’Nique took home an Oscar for the movie ‘Precious’ but after rapper/producer, Power Universe King, 50 Cent, recently pulled out his strap, then Will Smith laid out a slap during The Oscars finally the much needed apology from Lee Daniels has came. Life is too short and none of us are getting […]

Rapper Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson has transitioned extremely well to television producer with his major hit ‘Power’ as well as the spinoff’s on Starz, but the one thing about the ‘Power Universe’ King that hasn’t changed since his exclusively rapping days is 50 Cent’s power to speak his mind at all costs, so when the […]

Whether Pastor Mike Todd nailed his sermon “Receiving a vision from God might get nasty” that went viral isn’t in question however it was the way he made his point by spitting in a brotha, his brothers face to bring home the point that got people up in arms, now Pastor Mike Todd has seen the […]

You could have had it all, but you decided to drown a fan with pee ♫  Sophia Urista has went a longgg way past being a contestant on “The Voice” in 2016. If you remember Janet Jacksons legendary ‘Velvet Rope’ tour their came a time when she brought a fan up on stage and tied […]

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has never been one to back down from a debate nor has he been one to mince words or not been able to stand flat footed and speak his mind, no matter what Stephen A. Smith has to say he has never cared about being a Johnny Gill wanting to ‘Rub […]

Television Talk Show Host Wendy Williams has been blogged about doing some pretty unusual things she has done on her show the past year and half or so.  Everything from farting on set, forgetting things, looking lost, getting checked, about her facts in stories, you name it bloggers have been all over it.  However her […]

Grammy award winning Kirk Franklin had a conversation with his very grown son that went left, in that moment Kirk Franklin used some not very ‘Sundays Best’ language, only for his son to turn around and record the Gospel great then post it on social media. “This is why I’m done. No father should speak to […]

I don’t care what year you were born in, parents have taught you all that when you make a mistake apologize and keep it movin.  The key to apology’s is in order for them to be accepted they must be sincere and the receiver must be accepting. Recently the ever controversial R&B singer, Keke Wyatt, that […]