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Whether Pastor Mike Todd nailed his sermon “Receiving a vision from God might get nasty” that went viral isn’t in question however it was the way he made his point by spitting in a brotha, his brothers face to bring home the point that got people up in arms, now Pastor Mike Todd has seen the error of his ways.

My Pastor always say’s your shout/praise/display should never overtake God’s word being heard.

What would Jesus do? Let’s just say this, Pastor Mike Todd ain’t Jesus, and recognizing that much Pastor Mike is now apologizing for coughing up phlegm into his hand and rubbing it all over the face of a parishioner he invited on stage. Although the parishioner was allegedly his brother, it didn’t make the scene any less disgustingly hard to watch, and the scene made a lot of folks miss the point. Any good Pastor will also tell you that you need to read the word for yourself, lets be real pastors are humans and can make a mistake, and in the case of Pastor Mike Todd he watched that particular sermon for himself and discovered that it was disgusting.

According Pastor Mike Todd he was trying to make a point, but he realizes he crossed the line, while Jesus was able to use his spit to create a miracle, he most certainly did not have the same effect on his brother, during his sermon, hence making the demonstration a distraction to the message.

Take a listen to Pastor Mike Todd’s apology in the video below.

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