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Imagine being able to lose weight…just by watching what you drink?

Think about this: According to a study in the journal Obesity, liquids account for more than 20 percent (about 450 daily calories) of the American diet — and most of this involves sugar. Another study from the University of Minnesota demonstrated that added sugars are directly linked to weight gain.

But this is actually good news! A third study, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that cutting liquid calories resulted in greater weight loss than cutting food calories. Translation: all you need to do is make some smart swaps, and start shedding extra pounds!

So to feel cooler, and look hotter, just follow the below tips:

Worst Water

Vitaminwater Multi-V (1 bottle, 20 oz)

125 calories

0 g fat

33 g sugars

As long as companies continue to sell multivitamin pills and your sink’s faucet keeps spitting out tap water, you have no excuse to ever uncap one of these faux health drinks. This bottle has more sugar than a Snickers bar, so if you must indulge, opt for something from Vitaminwater’s calorie-free Zero line.

Better Water

Glaceau Smartwater (1 bottle, 24 oz)

0 calories

0 g fat

0 g sugars

This water contains electrolytes, which can help keep you hydrated when you’re sweating out in the sun.

Worst Soda

Sunkist (1 can, 12 oz)

190 calories

0 g fat

50 g sugars

Soda is one of the more popular sources of liquid calories in the American diet. It doesn’t even bother with the pretense of nutrition—it’s pure sugar, plain and simple. But among the throngs of terrible sodas, Sunkist is one of the worst.

Better Soda

Izze Sparkling Clementine (1 bottle, 12 oz)

120 calories

0 g fat

27 g sugars

70 percent of this bottle is filled with real fruit juice, completely eliminating the need for added sugars. It’s still not as healthy as real fruit, but it’s a sizeable upgrade from carbonated high fructose corn syrup.

Wost Bottled Tea

SoBe Energize Green Tea (1 bottle, 20 oz)

240 calories

0 g fat

61 g sugars

Leave it to an “edgy” American beverage company to corrupt green tea, a natural wonder of…

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