The popular retail chain claims the response has been “positive” for the controversial shirts, which critics claim it “reinforces rape culture.”


Target’s slogan tells us to “expect more” and “pay less.”

And some were certainly expecting more of the retailer after it came out with this women’s shirt with the word trophy on it.

“It’s kind of making women feel like they’re just an object,” one woman told ABC. petition is trying to get the shirt removed; the post’s opening line defines the word trophy.

The person behind the petition argues calling women “objects” or trophies reinforces rape culture and promotes thought processes that lead to sex trafficking, slavery and sexual violence.

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As of Wednesday morning, there were over 11,000 supporters.

Target responded on Twitter, saying, “It’s never our intention to offend anyone with the merchandise we carry.”



Article Courtesy of Newsy

Picture Courtesy of WFTS-TV Tampa Bay, FL

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