Robin Thicke Got It “Back Together”

By BridgetEE

The awesome thing about musical artistry is it paints a picture of what is going on in your life right now.  In life you have to go through things to get to things as well as get back to things.  Any great musician will tell you that their first love is music and I’m sure they will tell you that outside influences of their relationship with it will affect it.  There is a scene in the movie “The Five Heartbeats” where it is said to the songwriter in the movie that he will become truly great when he experiences pain.  Well in the case of Robin Thicke trials, tribulations, circumstances and pain have brought him to “Back Together”Now the algebra of it all, Robin Thicke introduced himself into a Beautiful World which caused the Evolution Of Something Else called the Sex Therapy: The Session which made us all learn that there is Love After War, but then came the Blurred Lines and the exodus of Paula.  Now he is back and BACK TOGETHER with Nicki Minaj, romantically, well not with her, but with his first love music :) .   Still missed it, well Please listen and respond responsibly

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