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CLEVELAND – Thirty-five Cleveland firefighters are facing administrative charges for abuse of the division’s secondary employment policy.

The Department of Public Safety’s Integrity Council Unit conducted an investigation after allegations of abuse of the policy.

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Chief of Fire Patrick Kelly reviewed the cases and found cause to bring administrative charges against 35 Cleveland firefighters.

According to city officials, the firefighters were allegedly abusing the policy with a company called AeroMag2000.

The Cleveland Division of Fire Secondary Employment Reporting policy states:

Each Officer and member of the Division of Fire shall devote their entire time and attention to the business of the Division and is expressly prohibited from being employed in any other business except where special permission, in writing, is granted by the Chief of the Division and the Director of Public Safety.

According to the policy, members are not allowed to spend more than 20 hours per week to outside employment. Firefighters are not permitted to accept employment that could “reduce efficiency of personnel while on duty, result in visits, telephone calls or other pre-occupation while on duty, or result in time lost,” the policy states.

Authorities have not said exactly which parts of the policy were violated.



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