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The shootings are likely to be more personal since Vester Lee Flanagan (also known as Bryce Williams) had issues with Alison Parker and Adam Ward at the same Roanoke, Virginia newsroom where he worked at before he was fired.


The suspect in Wednesday’s double murder of two reporters working for a Virginia news station is dead, and now begins the job of investigating what lead him to kill his former coworkers. And a controversial question has been raised online: Should the media call the shooting a hate crime?

ABC reported Wednesday that someone claiming to be the shooter faxed the ABC newsroom a 23-page document full of violent thoughts and personal grudges.

But the excerpts released by the network also show a mind obsessed with racial tension.

“‘The church shooting in Charleston was the tipping point, but my anger had been building steadily.’ … He suggested that he was mistreated because he was a gay black man,” ABC reported.

That lead to the question of whether the shooting should be called a hate crime.

“He shot three white people today. Why is that not a hate crime?” Fox News’s Gretchen Carlson asked.

“Because of the fact that the workplace violence offender is clearly delusional. They make up their own sense of reality,” security expert Paul Viollis said.



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