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Neo Soul artist are some of the most versitile, creative and talented entertainers in the world. I use the word entertainer but they are truley phenomenal singers, that I think don’t get their just do because of the term “NEO SOUL”, for whatever reason the world acts like they are afraid of this genre. They are some of the most hard working people in the music industry and severly unsung. Unknowing to some of us some of these artist are Grammy nominated, music beds to our favorite TV shows but survive by independency. SMH!! I’m telling you right now change is goona come so you must familiarize yourself with who is hot.

This past weekend NEO Soul invaded NE Ohio in a music show case that was made for television. Grammy nominated musician Zo!, singer songwriter Carmen Rodgers and Maimouna Youssef graced a stage that created musical magic in one night, that will be embraced for a life time…As always please listen and watch responsibly.   Read More

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