Stage and screen actor Hugh Jackman, best known to many fans for his role of Wolverine in the X Men,  stars as Blackbeard in Pan, in theaters October 9th.

“I always wanted to be a pirate. I always wanted to do one of those swashbuckling movies. Be careful what you ask for. This was the biggest movie set I had ever been on in my life,” Jackman said.

He says playing Wolverine was definitely harder, but that he enjoyed playing Bluebeard.

“He’s all about the costume,” says Jackman. “He’s a little bit of a showman. My wife (Deborah Furness, pictured below)  for what its worth, though he was sexier than Wolverine. Remember when David Beckham was wearing saris and stuff like that years ago – she was like ‘Hugh, that’s looks awesome, you should wear that’ and I was like No. But my character has ruffles it’s sort of like Louis IV and she [liked that.] And she liked my bald head and I liked her liking my bald head.”

As for this version of Peter Pan, Jackman says it’s more of an introduction to the various character that make up Peter Pan’s world.

“This movie is more a Peter Pan prequel where the characters get introduced. This is all the characters you know and love – Tiger Lily, Hook and Peter Pan but it’s how they became the characters you know and love. It starts with Peter as a orphan in World World II in London and he gets drags up to Neverland. It’s got the spirit of Peter Pan, but it’s a different story.”

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