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There is a lot of talk lately about Dez Bryant’s recent injury against the New York Giants where he broke his right foot, called a Jones fracture. Dez Bryant is the star wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys and is expected to sit out anywhere from 6-12 weeks. With a new $70-million dollar contract signed over the off season ($45 million guaranteed), the star receiver hopes to return to the field sooner. But, after undergoing surgery this past week, he may just well be out for the rest of the entire season. Other notable athletes who have suffered a Jones fracture include Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons. Here are seven things to know about this common injury.

1. What is a Jones fracture?

A Jones fracture is an injury to the base of the little toe, also known as the fifth metatarsal.

2. Why is it called a Jones fracture?

It was initially described by an Orthopedic Surgeon in 1902, Sir Robert Jones. It was believed he suffered the fracture himself while dancing. In fact, the Jones fracture is also known as a Dancer’s fracture, since many people incur this injury while participating in activities such as dancing.

3. What causes a Jones fracture?

In most cases, a Jones fracture is caused by a twisting injury to your foot, such as landing on it wrong while coming down from a catch. Other causes include overuse, repetitive stress, and trauma.

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