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… really just soak in his presence and just reflect on his goodness and his mercy. Now, I’m doing great.”

After a few albums and over a few dozen concerts later, Cece reflects on her life and where she will be in the future.

“You know, we [as a family] could have done a lot of different things and we’ve had a lot of different projects offered to us over the years. But you know what I learned? I learned that Jesus is there and that’s one of the greatest lessons I’ve had to learn, is to really just depend on Him. It’s like the Lord just said, “You’re going to trust me”; I’ve been learning that lesson all my life. It is such a great experience for me to just trust Him. I know I’m where I am supposed to be and the temptation to be something that you aren’t isn’t a temptation that I’ve known. My prayer is that I could have a heart like His; full of compassion and one that only does what the Father tells him to do. I’ll end up in a place and sometimes I’ll ask myself, “How did I get here?”, “Why am I here God?” but it’s just that my steps are ordered. I don’t know where I’m going to be next year but I know I’ll be in the center of His will because that’s my prayer.”

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