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Pharrell says he’d like to see Hillary Clinton win the 2016 Presidential election.

The Grammy-winning artist appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday (Oct. 12) and endorsed Clinton, who previously ran for President in 2008.

“It’s time for a woman to be in there,” Pharrell said. “Women think about things in a holistic way. It’s not so individual. I’m saying I’m happy to be a man, but I love women. The thing is, if we had somebody looking after our country that thought about things as a whole, I just feel like it just would be different. Not that I don’t love our current President, I just feel like it’s Hillary time.”

“People are like, ‘Okay, we need a president that we can play Scrabble and Celebrity with,’ but that’s not who’s gonna solve your problems. You need someone that’s gonna take it [seriously].”

A segment of Pharrell’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show can be viewed below:


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