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More Americans are smoking marijuana than ever before, as the number of smokers have doubled over the last ten years.

The New York Dally News reports that a new study says approximately 22 million people are taking a toke of that green thanks to the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana usage in multiple states. Usage has also increased among women and people between the ages of 45 and 64.

However, due to more usage, one in three people are now showing signs of dependence or addiction. That statistic has led Bridget Grant, co-author of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism study, to determine that more users need to be aware of the “potential harms” of marijuana.

“The clear risk for marijuana use disorders among users (approximately 30%) suggests that as the number of U.S. users grows, so will the numbers of those experiencing problems related to such use,” she wrote in the study.

Either way, we’re guessing marijuana use will continue to get higher.

SOURCE: New York Dally News | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty



Article Courtesy of New York Daily News, Global Grind, and Hello Beautiful

Picture Courtesy of Getty Images, Global Grind, and Hello Beautiful

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