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A petition seeking to get Raven-Symoné fired from “The View” has popped up on, saying the co-host “has been spouting her ignorant and self hating spiel on ‘The View’ for long enough.”

The effort was launched by Che Scott-Heron, who says she is the daughter of late poet-musician-author Gil Scott-Heron. The petition is directed toward executive producer Barbara Walters.

London-based Scott-Heron mentions Symoné’s recent headline-making comments, from “stating that she wouldn’t hire somebody for having a ghetto name, to openly complaining about reverse racism.”

“The final straw,” notes Scott-Heron, “was her comment about the recent viral video of the school police officer assaulting the student, where Raven Symone said ‘get off your phone in school then.’”

Scott-Heron concludes, “African Americans and black people around the diaspora need a voice representative of their views and not a voice representative of what white people want us to say.

“We need strong black role models in prominent positions on television ans Raven-Symoné cannot provide that. That is why I ask that we petition to remove her from ‘The View.’”

At press time, the petition had received over 100,000 signatures, far surpassing Scott-Heron’s expectations.

When the signatures passed 75,000 earlier today, she wrote:

This is an issue so close to my heart, as a young black girl i grew up watching Raven Symone and saw her as an excellent role model, but she changed into someone unrecognizable, she became self hating and her voice became detrimental to the progression of our race! We all sit around and rant about Raven on social media but rarely do anything to make change. My father Gil Scott-Heron taught me to “either contribute or shut up” and thats exactly what I did. Thank you so much for your signatures and comments, you are all amazing people. If anyone wants to discuss anything said in this petition then follow me @cheyshakurr on twitter, my DM’s are always open! God Bless!


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