At the age of 8, world reknown gospel singer and pastor Donnie McClurkin was hurled into whirldwind of confusion by a violation of rape by his uncle. Something that no 8-year-old should never have to witness, let alone go through.  But then he was molested again at the age of 13 by his uncle’s son.

Yet, despite feelings of hate towards those who hurt him, hatred towards God for letting it happen and hatred at wthe world, Donnie turned towards God.

“I found that you can know the Scriptures and fail in your struggle because you never used them. But when you use them in the midst of your temptation, they give you the strength to overcome.”

And even now, in his family’s newest trial, Donnie again leans on his faith.

Dealing with a death of a loved one is nearly impossible. Something about the deceased passing before they reached adulthood makes the feeling all the more overwhelming. Tragically, the niece of Donnie McClurkin made her transition to heaven on Friday, October 31, reports The Christian Post. Trinity was 13 years old. Although McClurkin was a part of The Festival of Praise concert just days after Trinity’s passing – during which McClurkin emotionally broke down a few times – McClurkin was still able to praise the Lord.

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In the midst of the death of his niece, McClurkin was able to show us the power of faith. Even a pastor and gospel singer like McClurkin has his faith tested. Here is how McClurkin’s faith may have even been strengthened amidst a tragedy.

McClurkin has not released any details surrounding the teenager’s death, but it was apparent to the audience that he was hurt. Tears were running down McClurkin’s face for much of his performance, but at least he was not alone. Onstage with him were fellow gospel singers Kim Burrell, Jessica Reedy, Fred Hammond, Isaac Carree, Zacardi Cortez and Hezekiah Walker. He took to Facebook to explain his emotional performance to his fans.

“The passing of my 13yr old niece, Trinity, 4days ago and the pain it’s left  her parents and grandparents, aunts uncles, brothers & sister and cousins left me broken on stage, but theses singers were and are so much more than singers. Kim Burrell, Jessica Reedy, FRED Hammond, Isaac CARREE, zacardicortez, HEZEKIAH WALKER… Their love helped me minister… it’s all for the glory of God! Keep my family in prayer… Home going service is this Thursday… another death… but God be praised. Their love helped me minister … it’s all for the glory of God! Keep my family in prayer … Home going service is this Thursday … another death … but God be praised …Through it all, Andrae … through it all!”

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