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erica mena songWe are all familiar with reality TV and how sometimes (well, a lot of the time), it could be fake. Well, one reality star decided to start truly being real on the inside and out. Erica Mena of Love & Hip Hop is known for her curvaceous body and stunning look. But Erica took to Twitter and Instagram to reveal to all of her followers her new look! The reality star has removed her breast implants and is all natural these days.

The change to go natural and remove fake body parts comes just weeks after another reality star, K. Michelle decided to remove her butt enhancements. Both women were famous for their body parts, but against public outcry decided to go natural anyway.

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Many women are concerned about their safety and the recovery period after breast implant removal. The surgeon performs it while you are under anesthesia or complete sedation. An anesthesiologist should be monitoring your vital signs all throughout the entire length of the procedure.

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During the recovery phase, there is an injection of a long-acting local anesthetic drug in the previous scar. Once the surgeon detects the pocket for the breast implant, they will then do a bimanual examination of the area to see if there are any tumors.

After the actual breast implant removal, the next phase is recovery. Pain may be minimal to medium severity depending on the incision, skin sensitivity, recovery time, and other factors.

A woman may be at risk to post-operative nausea due to the anesthesia. Medication should be available to handle most stomach side effects. Many women report light pressure from the wrap around the chest are after surgery.

The incision takes around a week to 10 days to heal. This wrap is necessary to help the tissues completely heal together. It also helps to avoid the accumulation of fluid where the implant was located.

The most crucial step to take before breast implant removal is to get as much information as you can.  All the information you can gather is beneficial for your own personal knowledge. It will help you ask the right questions about your procedure, too.

This trend of going natural may help with some of the self-esteem issues that are being reported with young women who watch shows like these. During 2015, there were a number of deaths form illegal butt and breast injections to women who didn’t think their bodies were beautiful enough.

Since leaving Love & Hip Hop, Erica now is moving on with her life as an apparel designer for her line of clothing, HER by Erica Mena which features stylish clothes for plus sized women as well. “I just want ALL women, shapes and sizes to feel sexy” says Mena.

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