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That sinking feeling in your stomach has never been more real.

Workers at a New Jersey restaurant got a bit overzealous after thinking they’d hit the Powerball Jackpot on Saturday, worth $949 million.

It was like getting punched in the stomach,” Grissini’s Restaurant bartender Charles Poveromo told the NY Post.

Poveromo said that 42 employees pulled together $210 worth of tickets in hopes of cashing out. On Saturday, a friend texted him the Powerball numbers, not knowing that the site hadn’t been updated yet. Instead, it was still showing Wednesday night’s winning numbers.

I picked up my phone and start calling out the numbers to everyone here,” Poveromo said.

All the numbers matched our tickets. Then pandemonium hit. There was just so much joy, and I can’t put into words the feelings of euphoria that we all felt.”

Footage from a security camera was uploaded to YouTube showing the intense celebration. Poveromo then called his wife, who suggested double-checking the numbers, which is when they realized their mistake.

When we found out, it was like a balloon deflating,” Poveromo added.

The general manager even revealed a dishwasher took off his apron and yelled out, “I’m outta here! I quit!”  When he became aware of the mixup, he laughed and put his apron back on while saying, “Back to work.”

Even though they didn’t win, Povoromo has no regrets.

For 20 minutes, it was real. It’s a shame we didn’t win, but I wouldn’t trade that feeling for anything.”


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