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Nebraska native Brandon Weathers was sentenced to serve between 100 and 160 years in prison for raping his foster child and claiming she impregnated herself with a syringe.

The New York Daily News reports Brandon Weathers was given the lengthy sentence on Wednesday. The teen was reportedly raped by the 39-year-old two months after moving in with him, his wife and their other children. Her sister was also adopted by the family. The teen, who has not been named, told her sister about the abuse. After she was raped, Weathers tried to make her take a Plan B pill, but she refused to.

Child services were notified after the teen’s brother told a camp counselor his sister had sex with “Mr. Brandon.”

She discovered she was pregnant in Nov. 2014 and later suffered a miscarriage. Prosecutors claim even after the teen and her sister were removed from his home, he gave her a burner phone and raped her in his car and at his job. He also stalked her as she moved from over five foster homes.

Douglas County Judge Shelley Stratman called Weathers syringe defense one of the most ridiculous she’s ever heard in the courtroom. Weathers claimed the teen used a syringe because she wanted to get pregnant. The teen was also forced to answer questions by Weathers since he represented himself in the case.

via The New York Daily News:

“I’ve heard a lot of things, working in this building over the years,” said Stratman, a former prosecutor. “And that (syringe story), sir, is one of the most ridiculous. You are a menace. You are a threat to society. You’re one of the worst I’ve seen.”

LaQuela Weathers filed for divorce after discovering her husband’s actions. A second case involving another teenage girl was dropped.

SOURCE: New York Daily News | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform


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