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Little Miss Mikaila Ulmer is only 11 years old but she’s all about her business. She’s a very busy young lady who owns a few hats and wears them very well. She’s a social entrepreneur, public speaker, philanthropist and a savvy 6th-grader from Austin, Texas whose owns and runs her own business, “Me & The Bees” lemonade, which is  is now a thriving national business.

After winning  $60,000 on the hit TV show “Shark Tank,” last year, Mikaila’s lemonade will now be sold in 55 Whole Food stores in states including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Florida.

Bombus, bumble bee, front view.

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Mikaila shared her reasoning behind the name “Me & The Bees” lemonade during an interview, “When I was four years old, I got stung by two bees in one week,” she said. “It was painful. I was terrified of bees.”

Her mother decided to take a more interesting educational approach to her daughters new found phobia of bees. Mikaila said her mother, D’Andra, turned the scary experience into an insect research assignment where Mikaila learned that bees could possibly become extinct in the years to come.

Mikaila decided to create a lemonade business and sweeten her lemonade with honey instead of sugar or artificial sweetener, which would be healthier, save the bees, and support beekeepers.

You go girl!


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