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By BridgetEE

Oh how I long for when we will see less and less of one hit wonders that may temporarily look the part and due to modern technology sound the part.  A day when the money hungry flip flop their just care about thinking of the freshman success opposed to the could give less then a dizzam about whether they can bust through the sophomore curse. The day every beat maker incorporates themselves with real brass, ivory keys as well as melodic strings, to show true creativity.

The Cypher a circulumn of diverse, lyrical energy,  Hip Hop’s true test of skill.  But the noize behind the skill because technology waters has gotten muddied so that fast hit dollars are getting stuck causing longevity history books to be shut.  Hip Hop has been many things but sometime I believe the CREAM has made us forget that it is, music first.

But there is hope.  The belief that the world needs, no requires, great music.  So the world shall see and will have more Javier Starks.

Javier Starks a young brotha that has aligned himself with Grammy winning artist such as Mr. “Black Radio”, Robert Glasper.  A Hip hop artist that is not settling for being the experiment, but, the norm. Javier Starks is creative, gifted, curse free, all about positivity in society that is trying to sell you nothing but tragedy.  Nationally recognized, Javier Starks lives by a belief system that his soul is not for sale but his music is.  But the question is, what is it that you consume?

I’ll wait…but while you’re thinking about it please watch and listen responsibly below ♫  For More

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