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The National Transportation Safety Board released its public docket on the Nov. 10, 2015 plane crash in Akron that killed nine people.

The documents released are extensive. The report contains more than 1,100 pages, including the cockpit voice recorder transcript, witness statements, pilot training records and toxicology reports, to name a few.

We now know that the co-pilot was flying the plane at the time of the crash and that the Pilot in Command (PIC) and Co-Pilot or Second-In-Command (SIC) had flown together three times in the past 90 days before the crash.

In the voice recorder transcript, the pilot, Oscar Chavez, is talking with the co-pilot, Renato Marchese, who seems confused while trying to land the 1979 Hawker H25 twin-engine business jet at Akron Fulton International Airport.

The cockpit voice recorder details the Pilot-In-Command telling the co-pilot that his speed was too fast for his altitude and that he was “diving.”

Chavez tells Marchese that he can’t keep reducing the speed or the plane will stall. At one point he says, “You’re diving. you’re diving. don’t dive. two thousand feet per minute buddy… [said with emphasis]”

Chavez warns him not to go to 2,000 feet per minute before the following exchange:

The plane crashed into an apartment building on Mogadore Road, 2 miles from its destination. It’s left wing tilted toward the ground on its decent. It clipped utility wires, hit the ground and crashed through the apartment building. PHOTOS: DEADLY PLANE CRASH

The Pilot in Command had never flown into AKR prior to that day.



Article and First Picture Courtesy of WOIO Cleveland 19 News

Second Picture Courtesy of the NTSB and WOIO Cleveland 19 News

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