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Republican Presidential Candidates Hold Third Debate In Colorado

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(RNN) – To the chants of “Carly,” Texas Sen. Ted Cruz announced Carly Fiorina as his running mate during a campaign stop at the Pan Am Plaza in Indianapolis.

Cruz said the characteristics he looks for in a running mate include jobs creation, knowledge, smaller government, knowledge of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as well as character. Fiorina endorsed Cruz on March 9 and has been campaigning for the Texas senator around the country.

“One of the most solemn choices you make is the choice of selecting a vice president,” Cruz told the crowd. “This a choice that you are telling the American people that this is an individual I trust, and most importantly, an individual that can help run this country. The characteristics that you look for in a vice president are the same characteristics you look for in a president.

Cruz cited Fiorina as someone who has shattered the glass ceiling, and he positioned himself as friendly to women’s issues by citing his mother and wife’s professional experience.

“As my vice president nominee, I’m telling you that she is someone to be confident in keeping this nation safe,” he said.

Fiorina came out ready to take on Trump and the Democrats. She said that she’s impressed with the enemies Ted Cruz has made because he’s fighting the good fight.

“This is a fight for the soul of our party and the future of our nation. This is a fight worth having. This is a fight worth winning. This is a fight for all of us, for our party, for our future, for our children’s future,” she said.

The announcement came one day after billionaire Donald Trump swept the primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Cruz took a shot at Trump during his introductory speech, calling him a scoundrel. He also mentioned the delegate count, saying neither he nor Trump is getting to 1,237 delegates.

The former Hewlett-Packard executive dropped out of the presidential race Feb. 10. She positioned herself during her campaign as the female Republican alternative to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Fiorina began her campaign with consistently low polling numbers and was relegated to the “undercard” of the GOP debates. She climbed in the polls and reached the main stage. However, following the Iowa Caucuses, she did not qualify for a debate leading up to the New Hampshire primary.

Earlier Wednesday, Republican front-runner Donald Trump said choosing Fiorina would not help Cruz because she “did not resonate with all the people.”



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