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Even though Howard Cosell once publicly referred to me as a “hanger on,” my days as part of the Champ’s camp were some of the most memorable.

You can’t be that close to Ali without learning something about confidence, independence, diligence and excellence. Earning his respect, trust and friendship meant a lot to me.

I will always cherish our friendship and the memories that will remain etched in my mind.

Here are a few:

My favorite story about me and the Champ, I shared in my book I’m Just a DJ …But It Makes Sense to Me.

In January 1975, Ali came to Dallas and paid a visit to the radio station. We hit it off and the next thing you know, a man who wanted to start a syndicated sports radio talk show hosted by the Champ offers me a job as a producer. The catch was the Champ knew nothing about it.

My Rounds With The Champ, Muhammad Ali

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