Nabisco has given us some pretty…inventive flavors of Oreos recently. The Cinnabon ones weren’t bad, and everyone seems to like Red Velvet. Birthday Cake might possibly be better than plain Vanilla. And how about those new Fruity Crisp and Blueberry Pie flavors? Makes sense, right? Then of course pumpkin-spice season is coming up, so we imagine we’ll be seeing a repeat of Oreo’s take on the trend. The company’s newest offering, though, seems to really be pushing it on the flavor combination: Say hello to Swedish Fish Oreos.

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Nope, it’s not a joke. The Impulsive Buy reportedly found a package of the new Oreos at a Kroger store, and plenty of Twitter and Instagram users seem to have come across the flavor themselves.

The general attitude: Skeptical. The Impulsive Buy estimated that 99 percent of consumers will probably want to pass on Swedish Fish Oreos. Another interesting observation from multiple folks: the texture of the Swedish Fish cream filling is similar to Play Doh. Yum.


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