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There has been serious consideration by East Cleveland to merge with Cleveland.

Before those talks begin, East Cleveland has put together a document with a list of 16 desires, if a merger happens.

Here is the City of East Cleveland City Council Ordinance 4-16 which talks about the Annexation of East Cleveland into a City of Cleveland ward that they want called the “Ward of East Cleveland” and their merger demands, which includes keeping red light traffic cameras, which were banned in the City of Cleveland.

#1 – The City of East Cleveland, OH plus portions of the University Circle area will become the new ward to be named “East Cleveland”

#2 – The initial ward of East Cleveland Councilperson will be elected from an election of standing elected government officials and thereafter will stand for election with current Cleveland City Council Members

#3 – Residents of the Ward of East Cleveland and (b) employees working in the Ward of East Cleveland that are subject to City of Cleveland Income Tax will be eligible for a city income tax credit resulting in an effective rate of 1.0%. State of Ohio shall reimburse the City of Cleveland the amount the difference between the City of Cleveland rate (currently 2.0%) and the effective Ward of East Cleveland rate (projected at 1%)

#4 – An annual merger incentive payment in the amount of $10 million from the State of Ohio to the City of Cleveland is earmarked for East Cleveland debts, street improvements and capital improvements (including police and fire equipment) in the Ward of East Cleveland.

#5- Ward of East Cleveland will be designated as a Police and Fire District within the City of Cleveland.

#6- State of Ohio to grant the Cuyahoga County Land Bank $20 million for a revolving loan fund for rehabilitation of housing in the Ward of East Cleveland. Rehabilitation loans will be approved by East Cleveland Community Development Corporation (ECCDC) and jointly administered by ECCDC and the Cuyahoga County Land Bank.

#7 – The East Cleveland Municipal Court will continue as a municipal court for the Ward of East Cleveland. The Judge shall be elected by residents of the Ward of East Cleveland.

#8 – Maintenance of the East Cleveland Parks (Forest Hill, Superior Hill, Pattison, Holly and Mann shall be transferred to the Cleveland Metro Park System. Local management and control will remain with East Cleveland Park Association

#9 – The Community Development Corporation for the Ward of East Cleveland shall be named the “East Cleveland Community Development Corporation”


To read more of East Cleveland’s demands, click here:

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