It's National Taco Day! There are plenty of taco spots around Cleveland offering good deals today for tasty tacos!

This week two Cleveland men were released from prison after 15 years after a new jury found them to be wrongfully convicted. Today it's being reported that they're suing the officers who originally arrested them.

Today (September 10) is National Cheeseburger Day! If you're thinking this holiday was made up by an advertising team, well, we probably...

A 13-year-old teenage boy was shot in Cleveland on Sunday. Police confirmed that he died later that night as a result of the gunshot.

A heat wave is coming to Ohio. The highs will range between 87 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit from Tuesday to Friday, with heat indexes reaching near 100 degrees.

FOX 8 reports that Cleveland police may have captured the person responsible for the mass shooting in Downtown Cleveland on Sunday morning.

Police say one person is dead after a car accident in Cleveland early Monday morning. The gruesome scene shows that after hitting a pole the car literally split into two pieces.

Nine people were shot in Cleveland's Waterhouse District in the early hours of Sunday morning. No fatalities have been reported.

It’s being reported that a mass shooting in downtown Cleveland has left 9 injured and police are offering a reward for information in this scary incident.

A Cleveland woman claims she fired her gun to scare off a deer, but the bullet ended up in somebody's home.

A Cleveland mother is facing a murder charge after authorities claim her child died when she left the 16-month-old baby home while she went on a vacation. 

Mayor Bibb and Police Chief Drummond shared with Sam Sylk that there is free community opportunities happening in the City of Cleveland